What I hate?

Well, there are a bunch of things I really, really hate.

Some are related in a way or two, while some are the general ones that almost all of us struggle with in this tough life.

  1. Having to do tons of research with no success.

Have you ever done a myriad of research on various subjects, namely, how to get rich quick, how to make money online etc.

I hate that after all those googling day and night, several times a day, I still end up with nothing cognitive. Sometimes you might look for things you can do to make money, and of course by the help of google, you come up with brilliant ideas to start with but not go far at all.

  1. Trying to solve a problem for over a year.

How many of you have ever given up on something they were working on? How many of you have ever gotten discouraged on what they were doing and told they can’t achieve it?  Am sure you have tried so hard, given it your best but still not close enough to what you had anticipated. You are not alone, I have and still is there.

What I hate about this is actually quite astounding. It so happens that I have this amazing idea that might revolutionize the world, as a good boy with ambition and determination, I first share my idea with my closest friends who seem to be not comprehending but shockingly amazed at my ingenious mind. They puddle me with words of encouragement and I set on my quest to fulfill it but too bad I don’t get there.

  1. Wanting to do something great but I don’t have the money nor resources to do so.

Well, everyone at some point in time comes up with an amazing idea that make the world spin in their horizon. During this time, we come up with ways of getting the job done and maybe making a fortune out of it.

However, we get a bump ahead, MONEY/RESOURCES ISSUES.

It’s painful to have a plan and the will to do something but not able to do something like a caged animal. Your grand plan slips through your fingers just like that. To make it worse, you hear about it that someone somewhere did it. What do you do? You complain and curse of course but it’s gone. Whose fault is this really? Is it mine or my lack of money?

  1. Being broke or not having enough money to budget on.

Everyone goes through this, OH, let me rephrase, not everyone. But most of us really go through this often. Your budget didn’t go to plan and now you are unable to eat or travel properly. You get a loan from a friend, which you will have to pay fast.

Budgeting happens every time you get money, what you will have to do and not do.

  1. Not getting what your friends say they got.

What am I talking about here? Yeah, the girls. Why is this a pertinent issue in today’s generation? If you aren’t getting enough attention from girls, if you can’t be like ‘Alejandro’, if you don’t have the money to keep woman and much more that I haven’t mentioned. If you are not all these, then you are out of place, so they say.

I mean what do girls expect from us? Google has all sorts of answers which, I must say, works for a few. Some of us stumble on the way. It is true though, without money chances of you getting girls are slim. And I hate that too.